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Donate in memory of a loved one

Donating in memory is a wonderful way to remember someone, while

also making a difference to people living with dementia.

Choosing to honour your loved one's memory by supporting Together Dementia Support is one way to continue their story. Find out more about how you can fundraise, collect or give in memory. 

Set up an online collection page

We can help you set up a collection page in memory of your loved one so that people can donate online.

We will need you to email us with:

  • the name of the person in whose memory you are collecting

  • a few words about them and why you have chosen TDS

  • the date you would like to to be end date for collecting

  • your name and relationship to the person

  • A photograph of the person to use on the page

We will set up your in memoriam fundraising page and send you a easy link so you can begin sharing it.

Flower Wreath

Funeral collections

We can provide you with small cards to hand out at funerals and memorial services asking for donations in lieu of flowers. 

Please get in touch, letting us know your address, the date of the funeral, and the person whose funeral it is and we will post the cards to you. 

Donate online
Funeral collections
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