Interactive Gallery

Welcome to our Interactive Gallery! This is a fun space where you can see some photos of our members, carers, volunteers and staff members getting up to all sorts of fun during Together Dementia Support's groups, trips and sessions. 

You can move the photos around your screen by clicking on them, holding down the mouse button and moving your mouse. You can make the pictures bigger, make the pictures smaller, or rotate and twist them about.

We hope you have fun looking around! 

Gwenneth & Jean
Maria and Maria ANYWHERE
FeelGoodat Dunham
Carers' Baking11-2018, 19 38 49
FFFLiving Books
Lea and snake (2) ANYWHERE
GftBrainLil and Dor
Maria and Maria ANYWHERE
MossSidecelebratingBirthday ANYWHERE
Trip to War MuseumNov18
MusicIn Mind