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A Year in Review: 2021-2022

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Showcase on Thursday 14 July 2022, and especially to the members, carers and volunteers who made the event a roaring success.

There were some very powerful words spoken by our Fabulous Forgetful Friends, our inspirational carers, and our amazing volunteers. Our Fab Forgetful Friends were Maria, Rob, Bobby, Rita, Susan and Helen. Anthony, Miranda, Norma, Mary, Diana and Ron were our brave carers, and Lisa Adshead, Brad Cooper and Kishwar Zafar shared their volunteering experiences.

Thank you also to our Gospel Choir members, led by Kadria, for some wonderful and uplifting singing in the afternoon, and to our staff members who organised some fantastic activities and represented themselves so well and highlighted why we have such a good reputation.

Anna, Zsuzsi, Rukaiya, Jo, Mike, Dorothy, Suafina, Cheryl, Hana, Anne, Gwenneth, Daphney – nothing happens without you. You made us proud.

Also helping out on the day we had a hardy team of volunteers, taking care of everything from catering to car parking. Val, Marlene, Ilana, Charlotte, Eve, Carol, Hodan, Lisa, Brad, Amanjot, Fatima M, Fatima A, Vicky, David, Ali, Mark, Karl, Hazel, Paul, Lizzie, Pries, Kishwar, Saba, Zainab and Khaperai were unflappable and made the day run smoothly.

Our Annual Report, ‘A Year in Review’, was distributed on the day, and contained a summary of the past 12 months, letters from our members, information about our services, and acknowledgements of everyone who has contributed to our charity by volunteering. You can read a digital version of the report by clicking the button below

01 TDS Annual Report 2022 A Year in Review
Download PDF • 25.59MB

We entertained the great and good, including the Lord Mayor of Manchester. She extended her thanks to everyone for a wonderful time, and said the ride on the trishaw bike, courtesy of the Bike Hive, was a highlight of her day.

Dr Ross Dunne spoke about Brain Health, and CEO, Sally, and our other managers, Claire and Fiona, all gave important updates about the charity and what to look forward to in the year ahead.

There was a great atmosphere throughout the event, and we raised an AMAZING £588.08 in cash donations on the day. We were also given a very generous donation of £500 from the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust, which means we have fully funded some vital repairs to our Ford Torneo minibus after it was taken off the road a couple of weeks ago.

Never ones to let an opportunity for a captive audience go by, we also launched our new Annual Supporters Club during the showcase. We were very pleased with the number who signed up on the day, and if you’re interested in learning more about joining the club for £30 per year, please see further below in this newsletter.

Every person involved with us, whether a member, carer, volunteer or staff member, is valued and brings something wonderful and unique to our organisation.

It was an honour to host you all, and we hope to see you all at our celebratory events in the future.

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