Referring yourself or someone else

In order to use our services, a person must be referred to us and receive an assessment visit or phone call from one of our Dementia Group Leaders.

You can be referred to our services either by a professional who works with you, or you can either complete a self-referral or complete a referral on behalf of a loved one. 

Please note that we can only accept referrals for people living in the Manchester and Trafford areas due to our funding being geographically restricted. 

To get a copy of our Referral Form, and to check that you are eligible to receive support, please email or call our office on 0161 226 7186 on any weekday, 9.30am-5pm. 

Your Journey with Together Dementia Support

We want your referral journey with Together Dementia Support to go as smoothly as possible, so we've created the below Journey Map to help better explain what will happen next. 

Remember that at any stage of your referral with us, you can call our office on 0161 226 7186 advice, guidance and support on any weekday, 9.30-5pm, or you can email any other time.

Digital version - Your Journey.png