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Together at Home

Our Together at Home service allows people living with Dementia who are unable to attend our groups the opportunity to take part in social activities, creative activities and gentle exercise. There are a range of reasons why a person may not be suitable for group-based support, and TDS strives to ensure that every person referred to us has the opportunity to access our support to enable them and their carers to live positively with Dementia. 

What is Together at Home?

Together at Home matches trained volunteers with a person living with Dementia in their local community who they will phone or visit at home once a week to take part in a range of different at-home activities. These activities include cognitive games, creative arts and crafts, music and singing, gentle chair-based exercise and the opportunity to use social skills or just have a chat. 

What does a Together at Home session look like?

A Together at Home session is usually around an hour long, but can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the person being visited and what they would like to do or are up to doing. The relationship between the person living with Dementia and their volunteer is important, and the same volunteer will visit each week.

Sessions can include going out for a walk, watching TV, learning to use video chat technology, painting, clay modelling, sewing, word games, number games, and chair-based exercise among others. If a person is particularly interested in a particular area we can shape activities around their interests. 

We are dedicated to person-centered care and support, and with this in mind we want to make our sessions as personalised, fun, and engaging for participants as possible.

How do I refer myself or a loved one for Together at Home?

Please note: At the moment we have a waiting list for new Together at Home referrals. We cannot currently provide an estimate for the amount of time to expect to be on the waiting list as there are several factors affecting this, including availability of volunteers, location of participants, and capacity for the service.

If you would like to refer yourself or a loved one for our Together at Home service, please contact admin@togetherdementiasupport.org for more information and to get a copy of our referral form.