• Fiona

What we can offer you until our groups restart!

People Living with Dementia:

  1. Phone/Video calls

  2. Our Dementia Group Leaders and volunteers are offering one-to-one support to our members by calling them once a week for a chat and to do quizzes or word games

  3. We can also offer members an Amazon Echo device which allow us to video call members! It is so important that people living with dementia do not become isolated as they stay protected from the virus.

  1. Big Sing

  2. Sound Up Arts, in partnership with Together Dementia Support, have been creating some fun, engaging music sessions for our members to watch and interact with. Lucy, who some of you will know, leads these sessions. We think you’ll enjoy her smiling face and lovely singing.

  3. We have been sharing a private YouTube link with our members, which will let you access the music sessions online. All you need is access to a computer, tablet or smartphone! If you don’t have access to the internet, we can give you a DVD. You can re-watch the link as many times as you like. Alongside each video is a CreativePack- a collection of related activities, lyrics-sheets, songs and games that you can do during the week.

  1. Ageless Grace