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Mindfulness For Carers Workshops

The Beyond Dementia Exhibition curated by our Fabulous Forgetful Friends has been extended! To continue the exciting events schedule, we’re pleased to offer another series of Mindfulness For Carers workshops at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

Workshops will take place:

  1. 10th October at 13.00

  2. 7th November at 13.00

  3. 12th December at 13.00

Workshop information: Caring for someone with dementia can be rewarding but it may also be a challenge. The needs of the person you care for may often come before your own and lead to limited time available to look after yourself. Using the Whitworth collection, we are offering a brief introduction to the practice of Mindfulness – a simple form of meditation that helps to focus awareness and attention on the present whilst offering respite.

Book your place here.

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