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'I'm terrified of heights!' Alex Garcia is facing her fears for Together Dementia Support

I am abseiling for charity!!

Am I scared of heights? Yes.

Am I nuts? Yes … but its for a good cause!

I work full time and am a part time carer for my dad. The news was a shock when he got diagnosed as I was praying it was something cureable. It’s been a struggle with highs and lows, thousands of paperworks having to be filled in but although it’s extremely stressful I am simply repaying the care he did for me and my sister when we were little.

Before diagnosis, he was living alone, coping with this alone and extremely depressed and anxious. Thanks to Together Dementia Support, they have helped us find a free council-funded day care for him to visit weekly as well as AgeUK and Diverse Living. This all wouldn't have been possible without the help of a TDS Dementia Support Co-ordinator.

Not only am I less stressed knowing that my dad has somewhere to go in the day and I dont have to panic about him going wandering or being lonely, they have provided me 121 care and advice and I am ever so greatful for.

Yes it’s tough, but we are dealing with it and coping and its great to see the smile back on my dad’s face now hes not so lonely due to these classes.

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