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An adventure weekend for our brave carers at Ghyll Head 2023

At Together Dementia Support, we understand how vital rest, relaxation and respite is to for the health and wellbeing of carers. Our annual trip to Ghyll Head, which took place in July this year, is the perfect opportunity for carers to spend some time away from their caring responsibilities with people who understand, who share experiences, and who support each other.

This year, our brave group of carers were walking, swimming, rowing and ziplining to their hearts' content! They jumped into every activity feet first and gave it their all. You can watch our 'holiday video' of the trip and get a taste of how fantastic this year's trip was, and the impact this short respite had for those who came.

One of our carers was so moved by her experiences, she wrote a poem to express herself and help others understand the impact the weekend, the respite, and the friends she made have had on her. The poem is featured in our video, and you can read it below:

The things I learned from spending time with you

It’s not just me that finds things hard

Even if it scares you, you should jump

Not only from a zipline

But jump into the next phase of our journey with our loved one

Others have been where I am now

They’ve survived and moved forward

So keep going

Everyone gets sad and upset

It’s normal

People who don’t understand will judge

But people who get it

Will support you in ways you never thought possible

And most importantly

When you are trying with all your might

To carry on and keep moving forward

When the wind is against you

And the waves are splashing in your face

People have my back

And will row for me

Others are stood in front with encouragement

Showing me the way

I’ve got this! Thank you!

If you have been moved by the impact our work has for people living with dementia and their carers in Manchester, please consider making a donation to our charity. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a huge difference to our service users.

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