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Finding friendships with Together Dementia Support

Yesterday, our Carer Support Co-ordinator, Anna, arranged to meet two of our members living with dementia at Longford Park to introduce them to each other and hopefully foster a new friendship.

Two ladies in their early 60s sit at a picnic bench on a sunny day. They are smiling at the camera with a cup of tea each in front of them.

Both ladies are newly diagnosed, and both of them had moved to Manchester very recently. Early in their dementia journeys and not yet ready to join a Friendship & Activity Group, Anna recognised that what they both needed was a friend they could meet up with and mutually support without pressure or stigma.

The two new friends hit it off right away, bonding over a cup of tea, relaxing in each other's company and learning about each other's lives. The morning was filled with laughter and a solid bond has now been made. Hugs were exchanged and new plans made.

"Thank you Anna. I haven't stopped smiling all day, it was the best day."

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with dementia, or cares for someone who has, Together Dementia Support may be able to help.

Learn more about how to access our services and eligibility critera on our Referrals Information page.

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