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#FridayFun: A special cinema trip thanks to HOME Manchester

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

TDS has left the building!

On Monday 25 July, 11 members, 1 carer and 7 volunteers along with TDS staff had the wonderful opportunity to watch the new Elvis movie in a cinema at HOME Mcr Cinema 🕺🎙

We enjoyed the private viewing and special attention that was taken by HOME to make our visit comfortable, especially the freshly baked biscuits and our own activity room!

One of our members hadn’t been in the cinema for 50 years! We all had a lovely day and sing/dance along.

Irene said: “Thank you for looking after me and have had a good time singing and dancing.”

One of our members John, has been a fan since he was a young man and was able to sing all of the songs!

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