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#FridayFun 6 August 2021 - sun, bees and ice creams


Are you ready for some #FridayFun?

This week, we’re looking back on our big trip to Dunham Massey last Tuesday. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was in good spirits - even the bees stopped to pose for a photo!

After having some fun and exploring the grounds and rose garden, we stopped for some delicious ice cream in a shady nook by the pond.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers Brad, Marlene, Hazel, Maryam, Val and Adrian for working like troopers on the day and keeping everyone safe, fed, watered and - of course - entertained!

Thank you also to JT Blairs and the Duchy of Lancaster whose generous donations made these trips possible and affordable for our members and carers.

See you next week for more Friday Fun!


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