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Moving east!

Thanks to funding from Guinness Housing, we will be running new pilot activity and friendship groups in east and then north Manchester.  Guinness are keen to improve their offer to people with dementia, wanting them to be better integrated into the sheltered schemes in which they live or welcoming them to visit the schemes and join a group.  We hope that the more able tenants will enjoy the activities too, which will focus on physical activity, maintaining skills – (such as cooking), and having fun.  Information sessions will be on offer too so that family carers, tenants  and others can learn more about what dementia is and isn’t.  In this way we hope to reduce the stigma and embarressment around age-related memory changes and dementia. Our first ‘Feel Good Stay Well Club’ will start at Auden Court, Clayton on Wednesday 15 August at 1.30pm.  If you are interested in attending PLEASE contact Sally on :  07854 335 890 to check that we can accommodate you and/or your relative

Is it Rod Stewart?

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