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TDS Advent Day #13

As you may have seen on TV with Vicky McClure’s Dementia Choir, music has a valuable role to play in enhancing the quality of life for people living with the dementia, and their carers. Our Together in Song Gospel Choir had a fantastic event on the 18th of November, with the help of our fundraising volunteers. Music has the power to bring people together in the here and now, providing a way to stay connected with loved ones and carers through shared experiences.

We also have a Winter Concert on the 21st with CANTIBUS Ensemble Choir. Get your tickets here:

It can enliven, stimulate and enable people to express themselves creatively beyond words.

At Together dementia Support, we use music in our groups in a variety of ways:

- Musical memories

- Drumming

- Dancing

Our Gospel Choir that meets Saturdays to sing their hearts out

Music is at the heart of many of our activities! 

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