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Update on Rees Family Donation

We posted in November about a very generous donation we had received from the Rees family in memory of their Uncle Aeron. The family made the £1500 donation after Aeron along with his nephew Gareth attended our Dementia Café in South Manchester, but very sadly passed away not long after.

At the family’s request some of the money was used to fund a Christmas Party for those who regularly attend the Dementia Café. All our members and their carers had a truly wonderful time at the party which included pass the parcel, party food and drinks, and a musician who got everyone in the Christmas spirit. All worries faded for an hour or two as carers and members chatted and danced and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Singing and dancing was the perfect end to the year so thank you to the Rees family for helping us to provide that.

Going forward, we are planning to also use some of the money to organise the Oaklands Dementia Café Memorial Walk in loving memory of Aeron Rees

which will take place on 19 April 2023 at Alexandra Park. The event will include Walking, Biking (on the specially adapted bikes), Coffee, Cakes and Chatting. It will be an opportunity for regular attendees and hopefully some of our bereaved carers to get together and remember some of those they have loved and lost.

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