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Carers Week 2023

Our carers deserve all the support that we give them at TDS. That is why we made Carers Week extra special for them.

On Tuesday we had our Dementia Café at Beswick, which was so much fun. We had speech and language therapists there, offering some really helpful advice. We also had Tai Chi to help relax our minds and bodies, as well as a skilled massager to further relax our carers. It was such a relaxing and calm atmosphere that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

We also had our Carers Evening Zoom, talking about knowing when the time is right for a person living with dementia to be referred into a care home and weighing up the pros and cons of care at home vs assisted living vs care home.

Our Carer's Social was also a major success, visiting HOME Theatre for the fabulous Hot Brown Honey, focused on destroying gender stereotypes, all whilst leaving us dancing on our feet and singing. Our carers left very happy!

To finish it all off, we had more massage from Paulette (who did the massages at Beswick). They had 5* reviews and we had lots more happy carers. Caring is tough and we hope to relieve a little bit of pressure and relax our carers, even if it is only a temporary relaxation. Anna, our Carer Support Leader does a fantastic job!

Happy #CarersWeek2023 and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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