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Fabulous Forgetful Friends Fabulous Forgetful Friends first met in 2017. The group offers a mix of activism, peer support, and socialising. (Life’s too short not to have some fun!) and has as its focus changing attitudes, educating the public and professionals, and getting better services for people living with dementia. Here are some of the bullet points they wanted to address:

1. We want to influence GPs to take social prescribing more seriously, finding out ` What services they can signpost their patients to – and encouraging them to try the groups.

2. We want to give our views about how the Memory Clinic experience can be improved and made a more positive, helpful experience.

3. We want to improve the hospital experience for people with dementia who go into hospital for another medical condition.

4. We want to improve provision in Manchester for younger people with dementia including appropriate respite care.

5. We want to improve transport provision to enable us to safely get out more.

Fabulous Forgetful Friends don’t believe that life ends with dementia, so at their monthly meetings, alongside their campaigning they have time for days out, and socialising over a cuppa and who can forget last year’s pantomime or the Dementia version of the Sound of Music?!

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