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Fabulous Forgetful Friends - Dec 2022 Nurses Conference

In December of 2022, Bobby and Maria from our Fabulous Forgetful Friends, were asked to do a short talk, followed by a questions and answers section, to a large group of student nurses from Manchester University for their Annual Dementia Conference. Mike, one of our Dementia group leaders, was there to support the members on the day. He was also there to answer any questions about the charity.

Both members took their turn, and spoke eloquently, about what their life is like living with Dementia. They then answered the questions put to them by the students. There were over 200 students in the conference suite, and they were all eager to learn more about Dementia. It was beneficial to them, whilst they decide which way their future nursing career will take them.

After the event, Bobby reflected, “The students were really engaging and attentive, asking really good questions and it’s really nice to know that your opinions will have a positive effect on the students.”

The feedback from the tutors who organised the day and the students was fantastic. Here are just a few of the quotes:

“Very interesting to hear from such unique insights. Powerful messages to help us in our nursing career.”

“The talks from The Fab Forgetful Friends and the Carers were so brave and so heart-warming.”

We are always looking for new members for this socially aware group – so if you or someone you know has a recent diagnosis of Dementia in Manchester or Trafford and you’d like to find out more, contact:

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