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Fearless Kay Witherford abseiling for Together Dementia Support

Updated: Apr 12

🌟 Meet our fearless friend, Kay Witherford! 🌟

Kay is gearing up to take on the ultimate challenge: abseiling down the towering Palazzo Tower at The Trafford Centre on Saturday 29th June 2024! And guess what? She's doing it all to raise vital funds for Together Dementia Support! 🎉💙

Why is Kay taking on this adrenaline-fueled feat, you ask? Well, in her own words: "The reason I am doing this terrifying thing is because I owe the Charity a lot for all the support and kindness me and my mum have had from them." 💖

Kay's journey with Together Dementia Support began in 2020, and her lovely mum has been a member of our Longsight and North Manchester groups. Kay has been a regular face at our carer support sessions, both seeking guidance for herself and supporting other carers on their journeys. 🤗💪

Now, it's our turn to show Kay some love and support! Let's rally behind this incredible woman as she faces her fears and makes a difference for a cause close to her heart. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will make a real impact in the lives of those affected by dementia. 🌟✨

So, join us in cheering on Kay, sending her positive vibes, and if you can, please consider donating to her fundraiser! Together, we can ensure that Together Dementia Support continues to shine bright and provide vital support to those in need. 💙🌈 #TogetherWeCan #DementiaAwareness 💖

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