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Getting the message out about Fabulous Forgetful Friends

MAria at DDD

Fabulous Forgetful Friends

Meeting monthly, Fabulous Forgetful Friends is a new peer support and influencing group which aims to empower those living with dementia in Manchester.

In the last decade great strides have been made in raising awareness of the condition. Often, however, the picture painted of those with the dementia is negative; focussing on what they can’t do or seeing them as a burden.

The new group, Fabulous Forgetful Friends (FFF), wants to show that people with dementia are making a positive contribution to society and can enjoy life.

This is not to say that the difficulties of living with dementia are ignored. The group will act firstly as a safe space where those with dementia can share their experiences of the many challenges it brings.

Rather than simply discussing its challenges, however, Fabulous Forgetful Friends also seeks to make the lives of those with dementia better, and will provide a platform for its members to educate and influence others in order to make public services more dementia friendly.

Maria is a founding member of FFF and says, despite some progress, there is still a long way to go when it comes to dementia awareness.

“People with dementia can often appear perfectly normal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a disability. FFF will raise awareness and help people better understand dementia. Working together we can help to build a safer and more supportive community for people living with dementia in Manchester.”

Maria is also keen to set a positive example for others with dementia.

“As someone living with dementia I want to help others build their confidence and show them that there are things that we can do, that life isn’t over; just because we have this disease we can still live a good life.”