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Happy Manchester Pride for The Weekend: An LGBTQ Carer's Story

This weekend will be Manchester Pride and we hope everybody celebrating has a happy pride. We asked one of our LGBTQ+ carers for his story on caring:

"Myself and my partner Mike are carers for my amazing mum, Barbara.

I came out to my mum age 18 and she has been a constant support from day one, it’s made us really close over the years, something that’s easily forgotten when her dementia is making life difficult. She’s always been a big hit with my past partners and friends, getting invites to their parties before me!

When things are difficult I look back at old photos of the fun holidays and parties we’ve had together, to see my mum laughing and dancing the night away, helps us get through the tough times.

I’m sure if she had the energy she would be in Manchester for the Pride March this weekend blowing her whistle, cheering everybody and dressed to party just like the old days.

I Love ya Mum! Xx"

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