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#FridayFun - Barclays Bank Volunteers help at South Manc

Yesterday, our South Manchester group had 4 volunteers from Barclays UK visit.

The volunteers helped out as part of the bank's commitment to local communities and encouraging their employees to give their time to volunteering.

Adnan, Rickolette, Shazia and Katya were all amazing. They got stuck into the group straight away: helping out in balloon tennis, curling and arts & crafts. They had some great chats with the members too who enjoyed their company.

We were honoured to have them there for our group and we will have 6 more of Barclays staff coming over the next two weeks. We can't wait!

Nearly all of our South Manchester members rely on our transport to get to our groups. Without our bus, many of them wouldn't leave the house for weeks at a time! As you may already know, we have signed up to The Big Give Challenge to raise money for a new and more reliable minibus. We need our supporters to make pledges that they will make a donation in December, and all the donations made will be DOUBLED by the Big Give.

If you would like to help us make more members gain new social connections, make a pledge to the Bring Joy to the Journey campaign at:

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