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Member Stories: David N

David is 58 years old and an active member of our Fab Forgetful Friends and Wednesday Walk and Talk groups. He was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, and retired early from his career as a headteacher.

He’s travelled the world, and is an enthusiastic scuba diver. He studied law and achieved a Masters in Education, plays the piano and loves chess and jazz music.

A diagnosis of Dementia has meant David hasn’t been able to enjoy a lot of the things he did before, but joining Together Dementia Support has helped him connect to others with similar experiences, and be an advocate as part of our Fab Forgetful Friends.

David is one of our members taking part in the Great Manchester Run to raise £2k for going 10k so that Together Dementia Support can help others like him access vital services that mean the difference between struggle, misunderstanding and isolation and living positively with Dementia.

Help David and Team TDS reach their goal and give to their fundraiser today:


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