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Our Story: Together Dementia Support

This is who we are and what we do. See our members, carers and volunteers doing what they do best - having a good time, getting out and about, making friends and living positively with Dementia!

Support our work to provide vital support to those who need it most. #WorldAlzheimersDay 2021 is time to reflect on what we can do to improve lives for all people affected by Alzheimer's and Dementia.

🟢A donation of £5 will buy arts and crafts materials for people to use in their sessions

🟢A donation of £8 ensures someone living with Dementia can join us for Walk and Talk sessions for a week

🟢A donation of £10 ensures someone living with Dementia can get 1:1 support from our

Together at Home services for 2 weeks

🟢A donation of £20 will buy bulbs and planting tools for our members to get outdoors and gardening

🟢A donation for £25 means we can buy uniforms for the new members of our Gospel Choir

🟢A donation of £30 will pay for the fuel required to get all our members to all our groups for a whole week

🟢A donation of £40 means we can get three carers out of the house to relax with a well-deserved afternoon tea

🟢A donation of £50 means we can take a group on a day trip to a local beauty spot

We currently have over 200 members and carers that we support. Every penny that reaches us goes straight into our vital services to support them.

Make your difference today and donate to Together Dementia Support this #WorldAlzehimersDay


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