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TDS Minibuses: transport for people living with dementia

We are proud of our two 14-seater minibuses, which were both funded by donations and grants from our local community and funding body supporters.

Every week, nearly 200 people are picked up from their homes, dropped off at their Friendship & Activity group, then taken back home again by our specially trained drivers and escorts.

In 2024, we were able to purchase our second 14-seater Peugeot Boxer minibus, and this one has a tail lift for wheelchairs and built in, sturdy stairs. Thanks to this fully-accessible minibus, no matter what a person's mobility is like, they are able to safely join their group with independence and dignity.

We charge a flat fee of £5 per person for each return journey on our minibuses.


Giving people living with dementia their independence

As the dementia journey progresses, people find that their ability to remain independent quickly diminishes. Many people living with dementia struggle to use public transport and need to depend on lifts from their carers, friends, or loved ones.

Together Dementia Support's minibuses give our members some of that independence back. They can travel to their group with our friendly, patient, understanding drivers, who will make sure they are safe. They will travel with their friends who also catch the same bus, and carers can be assured they will be brought safely home again.


Meet our drivers

Our drivers are a lovely bunch, who will help you get door-to-door safely. They are MIDAS certified, and receive training about dementia.


If you have any questions about our transport service, or would like to add transport to your Friendship & Activity Group subs, please get in touch.

Call 0161 226 7186

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