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Thank you to the Rees family for their generous donation!

Together Dementia Support relies heavily on donations from our supporters and we would like to acknowledge a very generous gift of £1500 which was recently received from the family of one of our members.

Aeron Rees had vascular dementia and attended our Dementia Café in Old Moat - which we hear he wasn’t particularly keen on at first! However he soon found once he was there he really enjoyed the experience. He was accompanied by his nephew, Gareth, who commented on the kindness of the people running the session, singling out our Service Delivery Manger Claire Marrett who was there on the day, for a special mention.

Although Aeron unfortunately passed away not long after this first visit and wasn’t able to attend the café again, Gareth and the Rees family decided they would like to make a donation to TDS from Aeron’s estate. They have requested this donation go specifically to the Old Moat Dementia Café. They thought that the money could perhaps be spent on transport for taking our members with dementia on trips to the park to give their carers some respite, or maybe even a Christmas lunch or equipment for activities at the café. We will post an update once it has been spent so that everyone can see the impact the Rees family’s donation has had.

We would like to say a very big Thank You to Gareth and the Rees family for their incredible generosity. We are so very sorry for the loss of your wonderful uncle, but so glad to hear we brought some positivity and fun for him at our wonderful Dementia Café.

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