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#ThankYouThursday - Becca

This #ThankYouThursday we want to give a special thank you to Student Support Worker, Becca, as tomorrow is sadly her last day with us here at Together Dementia Support.

For the past six months, Becca has been of the utmost support to our members and carers. She has visited groups and cafés, has been a vital support to one of our Together @ Home members, has provided carer support and carer training, and helped people access our services with home visits and telephone support.

Becca has been a truly remarkable team member and everyone is going to miss her dearly, from our team of staff and volunteers to our members and carers. She is the spirit of kindness and generosity, and will continue seeing her Together @ Home member until we are able to provide a new match for them.

We wish you the best of luck and this isn't a goodbye; this is a see you later.

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