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Volunteer Article Competition 2023 - Jackie's Story

With a background in finance and business, I embarked on my journey with

Together Dementia Support as a fundraising volunteer at the end of July

2023. From day one, the team's commitment to diversity and inclusivity

made me feel incredibly welcome. Solomon, the Volunteer Coordinator,

made the onboarding process very simple and straightforward. As soon as I

joined, he involved me into the team meeting, introduced me to the rest of

the team members, and included me in the group chat. His patience

reassured me and dispelled any hesitations I had about reaching out with

questions or asking for help. I never felt left out as a new joiner. Through a

virtual meeting, I had the privilege of meeting the rest of the wonderful team

—a group of kind and genuine individuals. They took the time to explain to

me the organization's goals, strategies, upcoming campaigns, targets, and

responsibilities. The transparency of the impact further bolstered my

confidence in the team’s work.

It is a great time to join Together Dementia Support as they have a “Big Give”

campaign going on at the moment. The focus of this campaign is to raise

funds for a new minibus, with the added bonus that any donations pledged

in August will be matched in December. My role as a fundraising volunteer

offers me a firsthand experience of individual giving and grants me insights

into the entire lifecycle of fundraising campaigns, from conception to

execution. Collaborating with like-minded individuals and working towards a

shared goal gives me a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond mere financial

success. Besides, the team are very flexible and understandable, and the

communication is effective and efficient.

In the past few weeks, I have helped with the delivery of social media

calendar. This little project exposed me to a variety of national awareness

days, festivals, and global events, sparking a newfound interest in culture

and diversity and encouraging me to delve deeper into some of the subjects.

I am so glad that the volunteer work turns outs to be a stimulating learning

experience where I could get hands-on experience and expand my knowledge base while helping other people. Although I have only been with the team for a few weeks, I am very looking forward to a journey of personal growth and community impact with Together Dementia Support

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