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#VolunteerShoutOut - Jess, Kath and Israa

Why not shout out more of our lovely North Manchester volunteers?

Kath has been with us 7 months now. She is always a happy face at group, with a heart of gold. She is so chatty and has some fab conversations with members. She is great at a quiz too!

Jess is a lovely person, so helpful and supportive at groups. She also helped out at a few walk and talk sessions and was equally as supportive there.

Finally, but not least, Israa is an amazing volunteer at 1:1's with members. She listens carefully and is a calming presence to members who may be struggling.

We are so grateful to have such an amazing gang of volunteers at North Manchester, with Sue and Janet who previously had their shout out, holding the fort behind them.

Thank you all!

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