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#VolunteerShoutOut - Sarah and Cath

We have had two new matches in September, showing the importance of our Together @ Home service.

Sarah started visiting Pat at the beginning of September and they created such an amazing bond instantly.

They love doing crafts together, using clay to model fish, colouring and painting.

The carer has given such wonderful feedback:

“Sarah is fantastic, couldn't have picked a better match. I can go upstairs and have a break and can hear them laughing and chatting as they are doing crafts together. When you get the right person, it makes all the difference. She’s like the daughter Pat always wanted”

Meanwhile, Cath started visiting Hope at a similar time that Sarah’s match began.

As soon as they met, we knew it was going to be a great match.

They have enjoyed going to the allotment together as Hope loves gardening and enjoyed looking at all of the plants and flowers.

Cath has also helped to bring out Hope’s creative side, helping her to do watercolour painting which she also loved doing. Her carer has said she thinks the sessions have gone really well.

If you want to have this 1:1 volunteering experience with a member, please apply at

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