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Carer’s Drop In: Contented Dementia

When? 6th March

Time? 7pm-9pm

Where? Chorlton Central Church, Barlow Moor Road

At our next Carer’s drop in session, some carers would like to discuss the book ‘Contented Dementia’. What do you think about it’s ideas of not asking questions or challenging the person with dementia, and going along with their reality? Is that helpful? Do you disagree with that idea? We’d love to hear your opinions. We will also have a broader discussion with general questions related to caring for someone with dementia such as “Why does he/she do that?” and “Why can’t they do that?” etc.

Interested in attending? Please come along next week, join us and share your ideas with other carers living in your area. It’s always a nice evening and a chance to have a break, new faces are always welcome!

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