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Fabulous Forgetful Friends Spread Their Message: Live Positively With Dementia

The Fabulous Forgetful Friends, a group managed by Together Dementia Support, decided that they would make a film to challenge people’s negativity about having dementia.  They feel that the public don’t know the range of people who are living well with dementia (of which Alzheimer’s is the most common form).  They  wanted to show that they are active citizens, trying to do all they can to battle with the difficulties that dementia can bring.  For some it’s about keeping physically fit, for others it’s about being in nature, or spending time with friends, while others want to campaign and educate people.

As one member says in the film, “Fill your life with happiness as much as you can.”  The group want to encourage others who have been given a dementia diagnosis to come and join the group.  “We have a lot of fun and are encouraged by each other”

If you would like one of the Fabulous Forgetful Friends to come and speak to your staff or members of the public – so that you can be inspired – please get in touch with Sally by email

 And if you’d like to join the group and become even more fabulous then you’ll be made most welcome!

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