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Friday Fun - Manchester Grammar School and dancing!

Updated: Apr 13

Together Dementia Support have partnered with Manchester Grammar School since Spring of 2022 the volunteering opportunities we provide give their 6th From Students a volunteering experience and develop their soft skills.

The A level students look forward to their Wednesday afternoons with the Longsight Group and have made great friends there. It is been great to see the students develop in confidence, and have genuine gratitude for the opportunity to spend time with the group. We have enjoyed celebrating lots of different events together: Christmas, Burns Night, Black History Month and Eurovision. Group Leader Zsuzsi always has something fun for them to do together, whether its quizzes, baking, singing or dancing! We have also enjoyed our trips out together: to the Halle, The Bridgewater Hall, Whitworth Art Gallery and cycling in the park to name a few.

We were pleased that the Longsight group were invited to Manchester Grammar School school for an afternoon of music provided by the A-Level music class.

They performed individual classical piano pieces by Chopin and more modern pieces like Piano Man by Billy Joel. They then got together as a band to perform songs we could get up a dance to from the Beatles and our Boogie-Villa favourite, Whitney Houston’s, ‘I Want to Dance with Somebody.’ With a break for tea and cake and ending with a game, it was the perfect afternoon enjoyed by all. We hope the Longsight group is invited again!

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