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Massage Therapy for YOU!

One of the carers, who attends the Drop-In on Tuesday evenings, has written about the benefits of regular massage to her. She writes: During 2015 I had about 8 massages. At the time my knees were painful and I had a stiff neck. Looking back I was stressed and anxious as the sole carer of my husband Originally I felt awkward and embarrassed having a massage but, over the sessions I attended, it helped me relax and unwind and my body improved. The room was a peaceful oasis of calm with music playing. My stress levels reduced and I became calmer and more relaxed. The energy levels increased so I could face the next day. These massages were like a monthly car service, keeping me in good running mode! During 2016, after my husband died, the massages have continued helping me to be calm and peaceful as I meet new challnges in my life. The massages are like a helpful quiet friend. It has been a renewing and reflective experience which I appreciate very much.

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