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Season's Greetings & Thank You MyPay!

Updated: Jun 13

We were contacted by MyPay UK Ltd to let us know that one of their employees has nominated us to receive a £500 gift from the company.

Instead of Christmas cards, MyPay invite their employees to nominate good causes to receive gifts. We think this is a brilliant initiative that has a much bigger impact. Christmas cards are wonderful to receive, but knowing you've made somebody's life better through a small action is even better!

Does your company offer any initiatives like this, or do they have a Corporate Social Responsibility Fund or policy? If so, please do think of putting Together Dementia Support forward as a suggestion. Every penny we receive goes directly into our provision, so by nominating us you are being the difference people living with Dementia need in our local area.

Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas to all MyPay employees! We hope you have a good one.

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