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Top Tips for Carers

At our Carer’s Drop In Session on 3rd October, our group discussed how to support contentment in relatives with dementia.

At Chorlton Central Church, the group had a very positive discussion and came up with some top tips for Carers to increase wellbeing and contentment:

  1. Smile!

  2. Don’t contradict or citicise.

  3. Be humorous sometimes. Try singing, dancing or just being silly!

  4. Be affectionate with physical contact.

  5. Pay compliments and give praise.

  6. Play music and encourage singing.

  7. Acknowledge and validate what the person might be feeling.

  8. Let the person feel in control as much as possible.

Whilst carers were chatting, their relatives had the opportunity to get involved in some fun activities. Pauline and Mavis got involved in some Decopatch and came up with NoEyeDeer, their marvellous Decopatch creation!

Thanks to everyone for their time, and for the great ideas that you contributed.

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